Track Dogs with new album tour and live Hastings gig

Track Dogs at the Jenny Lind
Track Dogs at the Jenny Lind

Track Dogs is a Madrid-based acoustic-folk band with members from Ireland, England and the USA.

The four of them started out in the autumn of 2006 as The Garrett Wall Band. The line-up from the start has been simple but effective; guitar, bass, trumpet and cajón. They wanted a clean sound to work as easily in someone’s living room as on the world’s stages.

They cut their “live” teeth playing 26 shows in seven days at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and released their debut album Sky Pointing shortly after.

Tours in Ireland and Spain followed and media in both countries started to take note. They followed up with Hands & Imperfections in 2009. With their newest album, Serenity Sessions, the band has finally reached a point where the energy and power of their live sound is properly reflected in their recordings. Catch Track Dogs at the Jenny Lind in Hastings Old Town on Sunday April 30 from 4pm.