Bexhill Hanoverian Study Group

At the monthly meeting on Tuesday 21st April the Study Group were given a talk by Rod MacArthur on the Battle of Waterloo.

Rod covered the build up to the battle and then followed with a detailed explanation of the battle itself and how the fortunes of both camps was to change throughout the day. The arrival of the Prussian Army lead by Field Marshall Blucher helping to provide Wellington with that wonderful victory over Napoleon on the 18th June 1815.

On the 19th May the Study Group held its annual Seminar at the Northern Hotel and again enjoyed two excellent talks. The first given by Paul Chamberlain who travelled all the way down from Peterborough to talk to his audience about the village of Normans Cross, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Today we only think of Normans Cross as the site of a former military prison. However in the period of time just mentioned it was a complete village which was formed from four prisons. The whole complex included houses, shops, hospital and a school. Paul explained that at one time Normans Cross had a population of over double that of neighbouring Peterborough. He went on to give an overview of the workings of the prisons and their prisoners from all over Europe and even some from North America. He showed pictures of items hand made by the prisoners many from animal bone collected from meat supplied with food. Mr Chamberlain received great applause at the end of his talk. Peter Cole followed Paul and gave a talk which he titled ‘Southern England the Eternal Battlefield’ Peter explained that due to Kent and Sussex being the closest areas for invasion from mainland Europe it had always been necessary to form defence barriers to prevent a successful invasion. He concentrated much of his talk on the building of the Military Canal and how it had been designed to provide maximum defensive support. Peter’s very interesting and informative talk also received much applause. Following the Seminar members of the Study Group and guests enjoyed an excellent meal at the Northern Hotel.

On June 20th the Study Group join forces with Old Town Preservation Society to provide the people of Bexhill with a’ Waterloo’ event at Manor Barn. From 12pm onwards young and old can enjoy a real fun day to celebrate the 200th anniversary of THE GREAT VICTORY at Waterloo. Entry to Manor Barn for the event is free.

On July 21st in Manor Barn, Old Town at 7-30pm the Study Group welcomes Mr Norman Franks who will give a talk he has titled ‘ The Battle of Little Big Horn’. Visitors are welcomed at an admission of £3