Rother on board for Portas bid

BEXHILL’s bid to win cash to help regenerate the town centre under the Portas Pilot Scheme has won official support from Rother District Council.

Monday’s Cabinet committee considered an urgent report asking members to back Bexhill Traders’ Group and put Rother forward as the accountable body as a matter of urgency.

The group had given a presentation of their bid at the last meeting of the Town Centre Steering Group, and officers realised the idea needed Cabinet backing in order to be considered by the government - and that a deadline needed to be met. If successful, Bexhill Traders’ Group could win a grant of up to £100,000.

Cllr Paul Lendon said: “ I am absolutely delighted that the council is supporting this. Bexhill Traders’ Group is doing a sterling job.

“This group is really holding the pieces up in the jigsaw for Bexhill on the tourism front.”

Chief executive Derek Stevens admitted council officers had realised the matter had come before Cabinet very late in the day.

He said: “There was a misunderstanding on the part of officers on what was required and I apologise.”

The motion to back Bexhill Traders’ Group was carried.

• To view Bexhill Traders’ Group’s bid and give your support, view the You Tube video on