REVIEW: Chichester Symphony Orchestra, Chichester Cathedral

The obvious empathy between the conductor and soloist produced a truly outstanding performance of Beethoven’s piano concerto no 4 in G.

Wednesday, 6th March 2013, 7:34 am

In their Cathedral concert, the Chichester Symphony Orchestra’s distinguished accompaniment to the exceptional soloist, Yasmin Rowe ensured a memorable interpretation of this great work.

Rowe’s charm, virtuosity and poise brought an enormous freshness and power to her playing.

Breaking with tradition the soloist alone sets the scene with the unaccompanied piano opening chords. Mark Hartt-Palmer (conductor) expertly led the orchestra to develop and expand the opening theme.

Under the orchestra’s versatile conductor, Michael Walsh, the Chichester Symphony Orchestra excitingly explored the many themes and emotions of Mozart’s great symphony No 41 “Jupiter”. Their performance was inspired, beautifully capturing contrasting moods of this masterpiece.

This complex symphony depends on the virtuosity of many groups of musicians in the orchestra and Michael Walsh’s conducting expertise guaranteed the full potential of each player contributed the success performance.

Graham Hewitt