Review: Brilliant Bill Bailey - the Poundshop Gandalf

Bill Bailey's Larks in Transit tour hit Hastings last night and this evening there is another chance to see him at the White Rock Theatre.

Tuesday, 15th May 2018, 1:08 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:21 am
Bill Bailey PNL-170711-105550004
Bill Bailey PNL-170711-105550004

Bill’s stand-up performance, with his comedic rendition of Old MacDonald and the Star Spangled Banner, is one you don’t want to miss.

The self-proclaimed Poundshop Gandalf sang and danced his way through the night in a way only he can.

His ability to control an audience with the Bin Of Wonder, or incredibly quick wit to react and change his entire show, proves his comedic timing and brilliance.

From start to finish, Bill has the audience engaging with his act, including with his rendition of Summer Holiday, asking questions in his Bird Identification Quiz and singing along to songs in German.

With a pipe in his mouth, Bill tells all the facts that you don’t really have to know about, including the inventor of the door and the hinge.

When he performed in Hastings on Monday, he loved the audience interaction so much that he said that it was “turning out to be one of my favourite gigs.”

His connection with the audience is incredible, his stories are well told and engaging - it’s just like listening to a friend.

His music included performances on the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, hand pan and the pheromone. This also included his Jazz Button, which he used if he was either rambling or if a joke didn’t go anywhere, but the use of that button is used so effectively.

Simply put, his gig was comedic musical genius and he brings an amazing amount of energy to the stage and to the audience.

I don’t to ruin too much of the gig because this is one performance you simply do not want to miss. By Kieran McGinley.