Business Link Sussex - Go Green

A new guide to help businesses become more environmentally aware has been published by Business Link Sussex. The Sustainability Mini Guide is free to all businesses and contains 40 practical ideas to help protect the environment and boost their profits.

Tuesday, 2nd January 2007, 7:42 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 9:34 pm

David Ripley, Business Development Manager at Business Link Sussex said, "Sustainability is one of today's favourite corporate buzzwords, but it's basically all to do with planning for a long-term and profitable future.

"That's why Business Link is providing local businesses with this guide that introduces them to the key issues and helps to start or refine their own sustainability programme by giving practical advice and ideas."

The guide offers businesses advice on how to cut their energy bills, dispose of waste properly, use recycled products and comply with environmental legislation. By following the guide businesses will save money as well as reduce their environmental impact.

"A business that adopts sustainable practices is more appealing to its staff, customers and local community." continued David, "It's important for businesses to communicate the good work they are doing on environmental issues and our guide will show them how.

"Sustainability is about being able to keep up levels of economic and business activity, whilst using natural resources efficiently and productively, without damaging the environment. Businesses wanting to survive must develop the habit for reducing their use of resources or face spiralling utility bills year after year."

Some of the energy saving tips contained in the guide are as follows - simple things that just need a little attention to achieve:

1. Monitor your consumption of energy and materials on a regular basis.

2. For every additional degree in temperature, you typically pay an extra 8% in heating costs '“ so turn off or down any unnecessary radiators.

3. Check for and eliminate leaks if you have a compressed air system and use electricity powered tools where possible as they use just a tenth as much energy.

4. Defrost freezers regularly and fill any unused areas with bubble wrap.

5. Where possible switch off equipment overnight.

The guide also contains a list of relevant contacts and resources where businesses can go for more in-depth information.

To obtain a copy of the free Sustainability Mini Guide contact Business Link Sussex on 0845 600 9 006.