Charlie's book on bullying

A TALENTED Bexhill High School pupil has had her first book published - at the tender age of 11.

Wednesday, 24th June 2009, 2:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 7:58 pm

Year 7 student Charlie Fenton has written 'Bully Friends' - an exciting children's story of drama, humour and mystery.

Her dream has always been to produce a book, and she was further inspired by a visit to the school from Kate O'Hearn, author of the well-known childrens' story Shadow of the Dragon.

Charlie said: "I have enjoyed writing from a very young age, and when I met Kate she was very helpful and encouraged me with my project."

"The book took about seven months to produce, on and off, and I did most of the writing at home or in school."

Bully Friends is the story of three people - Rose, Sarah and Anne - and involves bullying.

It's only when a fourth person arrives on the scene - Jasmin - that the victim has the courage to say stop to the behaviour.

"It's partly based on personal experience but also a real desire to have a book published," added Charlie.

The book is self-published by and copies can be ordered from that email address.

Caroline Correia, who runs the school library at Gunters Lane, said, 'I organise the after-school Reading Club which has proved very popular and has ignited the love of reading in many of our students, including Charlie.

"Kate O'Hearn made a huge impression on many of our pupils, in particular Charlie. It's so exciting and a huge achievement for one of our students."