Police close Hastings property after years of ‘unacceptable behaviour’

Police have secured a full closure order on a Hastings property associated with continued anti-social behaviour.

Tuesday, 3rd December 2019, 3:37 pm

The occupants of the address, in St Georges Road, had been warned on a number of occasions about their actions and behaviour causing distress to the neighbourhood in which they live.

Partnership between Hastings Police and the local housing authority ensured the residents affected by anti-social behaviour were listened to and supported, with a closure order application being made.

Powers under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act enable police and local authorities to apply for such orders to remove owner occupants from their addresses who are engaging in continued anti-social behaviour.


PC Scott Elliott, of the Hastings Prevention Team, said: “After years of unacceptable behaviour coming from the address concerned, the case was heard at Brighton Court, the occupants were served with a three-month Closure Order and the property has today been emptied and secured.

“Upon securing the property, a number of neighbours thanked the attending officers, stating that they could now look forward to Christmas.”

A spokesman from Optivo Housing said: “We aim to support our tenants to keep to their tenancy conditions but sometimes it’s necessary to take stronger steps to deal with the anti-social behaviour issues reported.

“This has been a great piece of partnership working. The order will bring relief to the residents in the area who have had to put up with problems over a prolonged period of time, and hopefully act as a warning to others in the area.”