Local artists exhibit at Zoom Arts

Two local artists will showcase their work in a week long exhibition at Zoom Arts Gallery, Warrior Square Station, St Leonards, June 18-24, 9-6pm.

Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 11:42 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 10:32 pm
Cthulhu by Chruis Dredge SUS-170613-102500001

Mixed media artist Chris Dredge will exhibit his increasingly popular line of artwork entitled ‘Gentleman’s Cthulhu Club’.

Chris describes his work as light-hearted with a quirky parody, depicting the descendent’s of H.P Lovecraft’s most famous Elder God as ‘bumbling old men’ who are part of a very prestigious Gentleman’s Club.

He says he joined Zoom Arts a year ago as a means to help promote his business whilst also networking with other creative people and community ventures. “When I joined the group, I was just coming out of a very difficult period in my life,” he said. “So my work was rather dark. The Gentleman’s Cthulhu Club started out as one of my little doodles in the corner of my sketch book, but people seemed to really enjoy them.”

Chris Dredge with some of his artwork SUS-170613-102449001

Sheryl Hall studied Cultural Anthropology and Religious Studies for over ten years with an ambition to travel the world. However, with the birth of her son, Sheryl says she realised that as a parent, endless travel was no longer open to her and she started Latibulum Lumen Candles in 2015. Sheryl creates her own candle moulds and clay designs and ensures that each candle glass is hand decorated with literature she finds deep in the corners of old bookstores on anthropological/occult topics, mixed with music lyric excerpts. “This range was the inspiration behind my company name,” she said. “Latibulum is Latin for secret, and Lumen means light.” www.zoomarts.co.uk