Local events are planned to mark women’s rights anniversary year

Suffragettes marching in Hastings SUS-180702-091644001
Suffragettes marching in Hastings SUS-180702-091644001

Tuesday February 6 marked a major landmark for women’s rights. On that day, 100 years ago, after a long and bitter struggle, some British women finally won their right to vote in a parliamentary election.

A few months later, they also won the right to stand as parliamentary candidates.

To mark this landmark, local group Women’s Voice is organising a programme of events that will run throughout the year, starting with a celebration of International Women’s Day on 10 March at Azur.

Ann Kramer, from the group, said: “It was not a total victory in 1918 because it would be another ten years before all British women finally gained equal voting rights with men.

“But even so it was a great victory. The right to vote was not given to women; it was hard won as thousands of women up and down the country lobbied, marched, protested and even went to prison to gain the vote.

“We are planning a whole range of events to celebrate women winning the vote in 1918.

“These will include banner and poster-making workshops, singing workshops, discussions, speakers, and a recreation of a suffragette procession along the seafront in June. Details are still being finalised by Women’s Voice but as well as looking at the historical achievement, we will also be looking at where women are now, 100 years on.”

Details of workshops and other events will be publicised at the Women’s Voice event at Azur, St Leonards, on Saturday 10 March, which starts at 12.30 and is free.

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