What is really being planned?

From: Roy Goodall, Top Cross Road, Bexhill

Friday, 21st September 2018, 11:05 am
Updated Friday, 21st September 2018, 11:08 am

Several years ago I wrote a letter for publishing in your paper concerning the “hidden agenda” from ESCC and RDC.

I also contacted BALI (Bexhill against Landfill and Incineration) at the time explaining the plan for a road network linking the Freshfields waste site to the brickworks site North of Sidley.

This plan was for a roundabout to be built on the new link road connecting the proposed new housing development and business park in NE Bexhill. I informed BALI of the proposal of the extension of a road from this roundabout which would then give access to the brickworks from the North of Sidley before further extending all the way to Pevensey Flats.

Both BALI and ESCC denied any such plans were being considerd, BALI stating they had seen the link road plans and there was no sign of any roundabout being proposed along the route.

To repeat what I wrote a few years ago in order for people to be aware of what may happen in the next few years: The new housing road network at North East Bexhill is to have a wide “Country Avenue” running East to West.

This would connect to the roundabout on the link road and thus to the brickworks site, a further extension would enable the waste site at Freshfields to be joined to this Country Avenue.

Waste lorries would then be able to transport waste from Freshfields through to the brickworks (later to be a landfill site ) without having to use the A259 or go through Sidley. The need for this access is because, subject to the Newhaven incinerator reaching capacity, a further incinerator would be built at Freshfields waste facilities with the resultant waste ash, or other non-burnt waste, needing to landfilled.

These facts are clearly published in the Governments Inspector’s report compiled a few years back.

To date, all the roads being built now are following the Inspector’s report. In a couple of years time I believe there will be a planning application submitted for an incinerator to be built. The application will state there is a good infrastructure in place for the transportation of waste, that is, all the roads being built presently would help support the application.

Hopefully the councils involved will divulge what is truly being planned for Bexhill regarding the Waste Plan for East Sussex.