Can you spare a few nuts for baby squirrels being cared for by Hastings and Bexhill Wildlife Rescue?

Squirrel Rescue SUS-190919-073732001
Squirrel Rescue SUS-190919-073732001

A local animal rescue group is caring for two baby squirrels and is in need of donations of acorns or cob nuts.

The squirrels Jasper and Juniper were found together on Bexhill Downs wandering with dehydration according to Bexhill and Hastings Animal Rescue and are being nursed back to health.

A spokesperson for the organisation said: “They are thriving and have taken to weaning really well.

“We are still getting an average of three animals a day. Thanks to everyone who has been dropping off acorns and cob nuts for the squirrels. Donations are welcome.”

The group were helped out recently by local tree surgeon Tom Shaw, who used his equipment to help rescue pigeons trapped behind netting above a doorway at the old Barclay’s Bank in Silverhill.

For more details on the group’s work and how you can help, visit their Facebook page.

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