Hastings woman launches appeal to help puppy Arthur to walk again

A Hastings woman has launched an appeal to try and help a rescue puppy that is unable to walk properly due to a deformity.

Wednesday, 16th September 2020, 6:00 am
Arthur puppy 1 SUS-200915-203926001

She is hoping to raise the £7,000 needed for him to be treated at specialist surgery Fitzpatricks, which featured on TV’s Supervet series.

Heather Bradley explained: “It is my passion to rescue dogs in need. I want to reach out regarding my latest rescue called Arthur.

He came to us from Cyprus at five months old after defying the odds in a shelter where three of his six siblings squeezed through mesh fencing into the next compound, and were devastatingly eaten by another dog.

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“A few days in to his new life in the UK we noticed Arthur was not himself. He was fatigued, limping and in pain so took him to our local out of hours vets. They confirmed he has an angular limb deformity in both his front legs and they are ‘a mess’.

“It is going to cost estimated £7,000 to get Arthur the care he needs, including corrective surgery on both legs. We are pushing for Fitzpatricks referrals in Essex because this baby deserves the best after such a horrible start in life.

“It would be so much appreciated if people could take a look at his GoFundMe page and help him get the treatment so he can just simply be a puppy again.”

To read more about Arthur’s plight visit www.gofundme.com/f/arthursstory