Elections 2021: Your county council candidates in each Hastings and Rother seat

Voters across Hastings and Rother will be going to the polls next month to vote for their representatives on East Sussex County Council.

Friday, 23rd April 2021, 10:21 am
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On Thursday, May 6, 2021, people will be casting their votes in 17 county divisions – eight in Hastings and nine in Rother – which will see 17 people elected to East Sussex County Council.

In Hastings, voters will also be electing representatives to Hastings Borough Council. All those profiles can be found here.

In Bexhill, voters will also be electing representatives to Bexhill Parish (Town) Council. All those profiles can be found here.

And voters in Eastern Rother will be voting in a Rother District Council by-election.

Here is a profile of each candidate running in this year’s county council election:


Ashdown and Conquest division

Martin Griffiths (Lib Dem)

Martin moved to St Leonards from a village in Kent 5 years ago and lives in Ashdown Ward. Having worked in legal practices for over 40 year he brings experience of governance and decision-making, and wants our councils to make better decisions, and put an end to their current lack of openness and meaningful consultation with residents. His priorities are to see that our local roads and public transport infrastructure are improved; to increase the availability of good quality social housing, and to ensure that good Planning decisions are made, whilst protecting our valuable green spaces.

Peter Pragnell (Conservative)

Peter Pragnell is a Civil Servant and former coach driver, who has lived in Hastings for forty years. He is defending his County Council seat of Ashdown and Conquest, where he has served for twelve years, and also standing in the St Helens seat in the Hastings Borough Council election. He served as councillor for St Helens from 2000 to 2002 and Conquest councillor from 2002 to 2016. Peter is a season ticket holder at Charlton Athletic and also supports Hastings Utd at as many matches as possible.

Judy Rogers (Labour)

Judy is proud to be standing as a county council candidate. Since 2012 she has been a councillor for Castle ward on Hastings Borough Council and has been Deputy and then Mayor of Hastings. Since 2018 she has been a member of cabinet leading on Equalities, Organisational Wellbeing and Performance. She has also worked for 23 years for Table Tennis England.

Christopher Saunders (Green)

I am convinced that voting for The Green Party now offers a real alternative for those who are concerned about social justice, equitable housing, and policies that address environmental issues with the absolute urgency they deserve. Hastings council is dominated by the Labour Party. We desperately need strong and independent voices to hold Labour to account. By voting Green you will secure this. My professional career with Save the Children gave me 20 years of experience working with communities all over the world. I learnt that listening to what people want is the only way to bring about effective change.

Baird and Ore division

Alan Hay (Conservative)

I was born and raised in Hastings and grew up in both Baird and Ashdown wards. I went to Sandown and Little Ridge primary schools and was secondary educated at William Parker. I have spent my adult life working within the engineering sector and have spent the past six years volunteering on Hastings Lifeboat. I have two children, and we enjoy spending time exploring the country park and enjoying our beaches. I love the live music in Hastings and enjoy the great restaurants and pubs in the Old Town where I live.

Daniel Hope (Green)

I love living in Hastings, and I want the town to be as good as it can possibly be, for everyone. Since all my freelance work was cancelled last year, I’ve had time to reflect on the ways this beautiful town could be improved. Local green jobs and green apprenticeships. Food waste collection. Green transport initiatives. Re-wilding projects, and community gardens to grow food wherever there is space. I would love to see an eco music venue on the pier, and Hastings United in the Premier League! We have to imagine these things for them to be possible. That’s why I’m standing for the Green Party.

Ali Roark (Labour)

Ali attended Helenswood school, has worked on Ivyhouse Lane and for ESCC with children in the local community. She has an MA in History, is raising three children with her American husband and currently works for a supported accommodation provider. She will listen and engage within the community and wants to be a voice for all at county.

Robert Wakeford (Lib Dem)

Robert has lived in the Borough for a number of years but his working life has been in London, so he has been trying to adapt to lockdown just as everyone else has had to do! He is married with two young children. He wishes to see better technology infrastructure for the Borough; greater public participation in Council decision-making; and higher, greener standards in Planning.

Braybrooke and Castle division

Godfrey Daniel (Labour)

Godfrey attends residents’ meetings and likes to solve problems and help people. He loves living in the part of Hastings he represents. He is the president of the Hastings Welsh Society, and loves choral singing and musical theatre. He served as a Justice of the Peace for 28 years. He has represented this division on the county council since 1997.

Lucian Fernando (Conservative)

I am an active volunteer for many organisations which helps me connect with people from all walks of life. Working for the Hastings Emergency Action Resilience Team during the pandemic I have been helping doctors and nurses get to and from work at the Conquest Hospital. I am also a Police Support Volunteer and actively enjoy helping people in my community.

Katy Hunter-Burbridge (Lib Dem)

I am a retired voluntary sector worker and part-time taxi driver. I want all non-Conservatives to work more closely together on local social justice and environmental issues. Priorities include enabling a coherent, affordable and accessible public transport network. Engagement: to include supporting the roll-out of a high-speed internet network. Housing: to take a tougher line with developers on affordable housing provision. Lib Dems want to halve the number of Councillors and reduce the wasteful use of taxpayers’ money on costly consultants. These are my priorities: to ensure our local taxes are more beneficial to the governed, rather than the governing.

Sally Phillips (Green)

I have lived in Hastings for 35 years and enjoy looking after my grandson, gardening, and hiking. I want us to support local businesses as much as possible, rather than promoting profits for big business. We should aim at health promotion and quality of life. Best practice codes should always be a part of planning and we should explore what has worked well in other towns to avoid problems. We need a bus and rail service to be proud of: affordable and a pleasure to use. We need pedestrian and cycle routes that are good for schoolchildren as well as adults.

Central St Leonards and Gensing division

Kenneth Davis (Green)

I am a former architect, town planner and conservation officer with wide experience of creating better places to live and work. I have two children, one a teacher and the other a doctor in the NHS. I am self-building a zero carbon reconstruction of a small house on Bohemia Road. I have extensive know-how of making better use of publicly owned assets. Local government is not working efficiently and effectively enough to deal with the climate crisis locally. I have the knowledge, experience and passion needed to create a more sustainable built and green environment in the Borough.

Stephen Milton (Lib Dem)

Stephen has two daughters and has lived in St Leonards for 30 years. He is managing director of a local company which implements business IT projects and provides services for the construction industry. Stephen is a Humanist and enjoys walking, playing table tennis and keeping track of the latest scientific developments. He wants to see the Council supporting the town’s economic base - particularly small and start-up businesses - as a means of transforming it into one of the top places to live and work on the South East coast of England.

Trevor Webb (Labour)

Trevor has lived in Central St Leonards for over 20 years, becoming involved in community activity e.g. with the St Leonards Forum, the St Leonards Festival and the Seven Streets project. Currently he co-ordinates the One Hastings Many Voices project which organises, gigs, art exhibitions and workshops for women, members of the BAME community and other hard to reach groups.

Graeme Williams (Conservative)

Having started life near Watford, Graeme worked for an international company for ten years in the UK before going overseas. He spent 15 years in five posts where he gained a wealth of experience in technology and business before returning to the Old Town in 2000. He has good management skills especially marketing and strategy and is used to working with teams to get things done. He has worked closely with the local Conservatives and chaired the local party for 4 years. He runs a small photographic business in St Leonards and is a trustee of a local homeless charity.

Hollington and Wishing Tree division

Emlyn Jones (Lib Dem)

I am a retired GP who has lived and worked within the Wishing Tree, Hollington and Silverhill area for 39 years. I have always been attracted towards socially responsible politics. My campaign priorities include tackling deprivation and the lack of good quality social housing; as well as dealing with pollution, particularly along main roads where there are also schools. Within the Council I want to see more transparency and participatory decision-making. Using my experience, I want to help statutory agencies work more closely together for our most disadvantaged citizens. My leisure interests include archery, walking, music and reading.

Beccy McCray (Labour)

I’m a St Leonards-based artist, producer, allotment holder and member of the Green Party. I’ve lived in the area for ten years. I care deeply about social and environmental justice, and believe that the threats to economic, social and environmental wellbeing are all part of the same problem. Solving one of these crises cannot be achieved without solving the others. The success of a society cannot be measured by narrow economic indicators, but should take account of factors affecting the quality of life for all people: personal freedom, social equity, health, happiness and human fulfilment.

Andy Patmore (Conservative)

I have been a Borough councillor for the past 5 years and would love to represent the residents of Hollington and Wishing Tree at County Hall. I am currently chairman of the local Blind Association and a trustee at two care homes. My experience as Borough councillor will enable me to understand what it takes to get things done for residents.

Phil Scott (Labour)

Phil has been privileged to have been the East Sussex county councillor in Hollington and Wishing Tree Division for 20 years. He will work with the community to meet the fresh challenges thrown up by Covid and resist cuts to public services, especially in the NHS and adult social care. He will also continue to argue for better standards in road maintenance.

Maze Hill and West St Leonards division

Matthew Beaver (Conservative)

I was privileged 4 years ago to be elected to represent you at East Sussex County Council and I would be honoured to be your representative once again. I have been the Borough Councillor for West St Leonards for 17 of the last 19 years giving me vast experience enabling me to help the residents of the area I love, live and work in. The division is a wonderful, vibrant area with many open spaces that need protection and enhancement. If re-elected, I will do all I can so that residents of Maze Hill & West St Leonards have a strong voice at County Hall.

Samuel Heffernan (Green)

I have over 10 years experience in the travel industry and am now embarking on a career in education. I am currently undertaking a Masters degree in education at the University of Brighton and teaching in secondary schools in Hastings. This is enabling me to make a difference to young people’s lives in the area. I am passionate about the environment and am standing as a candidate for the Green Party to give greater Green representation on the council which is desperately needed during the climate crisis. My personal goal is to use my knowledge and skills by sharing my passion for the world, other cultures, and the natural environment with others.

Stewart Rayment (Lib Dem)

Stewart sees Labour’s hostility to residents in planning matters as highly suspicious and says that West St. Leonards has consistently been a victim of this. A Liberal Democrat Council would run things differently: Stewart believes the planning system should be a natural extension of the democratic process. As the former chair of a local government Education Committee, Stewart says Conservative Ministers have handled schools & colleges badly in the pandemic. There will almost certainly be a knock-on effect mental health-wise which East Sussex’s already-stretched Social Services will be left to deal with. Conservative councillors need to be replaced.

Nigel Sinden (Labour)

Nigel has been Mayor of Hastings for three years and councillor for Silverhill Ward since 2012. He was born, raised, and schooled in Hastings, growing up in Silverhill. He feels that the next four years will be especially important, so the division will need a county councillor well known for his support and works for Hastings and its residents.

Old Hastings and Tressell division

Fiona Archbold (Conservative)

I moved to St Leonards on Sea a couple of years ago having lived and worked in Brighton and Hove for more than twenty years. I love the area I live in and want to give back to the community that welcomed me so much. Councillors are elected to represent the views of their residents and it will be my aim to make sure they are listened to.

Ruby Cox (Labour)

Ruby is really excited to be standing in Old Hastings and Tressell. If elected she will listen to every resident regardless of their circumstances and be a meaningful link with the county council. She has spent three years as a ward councillor, 25 years in public service, volunteered for Citizens’ Advice and now would be proud to be your representative at county.

Julia Hilton (Green)

I have lived in Hastings for fourteen years and love the energy and diversity of our unique and historic town. I am a landscape architect, and particularly enjoy working with community groups to regenerate and transform urban spaces. I am a trustee of Hastings Greenway Trust, raising money to build accessible greenway routes in Ore Valley and the country park. I am also a director of local energy co-operative Energise South, and am part of the team working on the vision of Hastings as a garden town. In my spare time I enjoy walking my dog in the country park and making ceramics.

Gene Saunders (Lib Dem)

I am standing for election after 10 years running the Land of Green Ginger, on the High Street! I also spent 14 years working in senior positions within Local Government, so I know how to get things done. After 15 years of Labour and Conservative Councils, parts of our Borough are still among the most deprived in the UK. The Liberal Democrats have the policies and determination to turn this around - in partnership with residents. I will be standing for County too because I have concerns about local education facilities and resources, and how they are determining life chances.

St Helens and Silverhill division

Dave Carey-Stuart (Green)

I’ve lived in St Leonards for 25 years, working as a self-employed roofer. I love Hastings for its variety of people, architecture, landscape, sports facilities and culture. Of course, there are less favourable aspects to living in any large town; volunteering for two local charities I have seen how life treats people less fortunate than myself. I’m standing so that everyone has the opportunity to vote Green in our less-than-representative electoral system. The Council undoubtedly works hard for the people of Hastings but it needs more diversity in its make-up and outlook – let’s see a Green Councillor at the table this year.

Bob Lloyd (Lib Dem)

Bob has lived in St Helens Ward for nearly 15 years and is a self-employed property manager. His daughters attended both Blacklands and Helenswood Schools, where his wife taught, and he served as a governor for eight years. Bob’s priorities are the building of more social housing, as well as more and safer cycling provision. Other important local issues are: the redevelopment of Pilot Field, better Planning decisions, making Alexandra Park safe, and tackling speeding on a number of local roads. He is the local co-ordinator for the European Movement.

Sorrell Marlow-Eastwood (Conservative)

Sorrell Marlow-Eastwood lives locally and is a wife, mother to four grown up children, Chairwoman of Markwick Gardens Association, a full time Learning Support Assistant - helping senior school students who have learning difficulties achieve their full potential. Since the last local election in 2018, Sorrell has been proud to be Hastings Borough Councillor for Ashdown Ward. “What drives me is my passion for our town, always wanting the best for it.” Sorrell’s hard work and determination mean that she has been, and is, resolved to get the right results for everyone, from potholes to bin collections and everything in between.

Margi O’Callaghan (Labour)

Margi lives in Silverlands Road. Her children went to Silverdale school. Before lockdown you would occasionally see her in the Clarence and the Duke pubs. She is a member of St Matthews resident’s association and the Duke Green community group and believes that representatives should be local to their community. She walks regularly through Alexandra Park with her children and pet pug.

Battle and Crowhurst division

Bernard Brown (Conservative)

I offer the people of the Battle and Crowhurst a new choice. A targeted, fresh, more proactive and forward-looking representation at the County Council. operating in harmony with local residents and sharing the view that we provide the cash and it must be spent wisely and on services we really want. I will always put the interests of my residents first. I have in depth experience of public and private sectors, and an unremitting passion for transparency in local government. My support for charities such as Demelza, CAP and my Christian Faith sum up what I offer the electorate.

Kathryn Field (Lib Dem)

Kathryn was first elected to the County Council 29 years ago. Since 2007 she has also been a Rother District Councillor. At County she has been Deputy Leader of the LibDem Group. She shadows the Lead Member for Families, sits on the People Scrutiny Committee and the Educational Attainment Reference Group, and Chairs the Discretionary Transport Appeals Panel. At Rother she is a Cabinet member with responsibility for Environmental Management, and Chairs the Climate Change Steering Group. In September 2019 Kathryn launched Rother’s Climate Emergency. pledging Rother to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Christopher Husbands (Labour)

I was born and grew up in Sussex, and have lived in the Battle area for the past eleven years. I am now retired from an academic position at the London School of Economics and Political Science. I have been active in Labour politics since the age of fifteen. I have a particular current interest in combating climate change and would push for any policy that East Sussex County Council might adopt that would aggressively support carbon reduction. I have also been an active trade unionist and, where relevant, would be keen to see worker-friendly policies pursued.

Bexhill East division

Jay Brewerton (Independent)

I am a working mum of 6 from a military family. I am an existing RDC Councillor on Cabinet. I have personally ensured many local elderly residents had access to food through Covid, working with local people and companies, whose generosity just astounded me, several food shops I personally paid for. I have spent two years working on the Combe Valley. We now have a 5 year plan, that will help financially sustain the future of this beautiful 1480 acre countryside asset. Good mental health is critical, I am regularly out in the community, promoting different charities, clubs, sports, and leisure activities. I want to ensure we have better environments, transport options, and we are hitting our 2030 goals.

Sue Burton (Green)

Sue Burton worked in Social Care and NHS for 25+ years helping children, adults and families. She has worked hard for the community, fundraising for local projects and protecting nature. A recent letter to the Bexhill Observer described Sue as a ‘hero’ for her work leading the six-year Battle Health Pathway project. Sue says: “We all know there’s much more to do to look after both people and the planet properly. That work needs a kick -start in East Sussex County Council. I can contribute most where the decisions get made, so that my commitment can make a real difference to lots of people.”

Charles Clark (Independent)

I have lived in Bexhill for 47 years and was employed as a respite care officer before my retirement. That is why I have a strong interest in adult social care and residents with disabilities. Social services are so important as there are so many elderly residents who live alone and need support funding has been cut in recent years which is a real worry. I have represented Bexhill East since 2013 and would like continue to represent you. I fundraise and support many local charities in Bexhill. We need to lobby central government to increase funding to repair our roads and footway.

Martin Kenward (Conservative)

I was born in Bexhill and live in East Bexhill with my wife Corrie. I have a long record of serving residents having been a Rother District Councillor for many years, and as the East Sussex County Councillor for a period of time. I campaigned for many years to get the tip at Pebsham closed and the creation of the Country Park. I believe that I am probably better placed than anyone to know the needs of the local residents and the challenges ahead as the new housing comes on stream.

Jacqueline Walker (Labour)

I am your Labour party candidate for Bexhill East in the forthcoming East Sussex County Council election. During my working life I have served as a magistrate and as a community health counsellor. I was also a civil servant working for the RAF. I am married to John and have 4 children and seven grandchildren. I am currently the womens officer for the Bexhill and Battle Labour party. If elected I would work to protect and enhance the services that make this area such a jewel in the south east.

Bexhill North division

Abul Azad (Conservative)

I am the Conservative candidate for the Bexhill North Division. I have lived in Bexhill for 33 years, and I own a business called Shiplu. During this time, I have connected with many residents and am passionate about Bexhill. I have been an active Conservative since 2005. I was Deputy Mayor then Mayor of Bexhill between 2017 and 2019. I have a track record of attending 334 events, where I helped local groups, businesses, schools, and residents. My goals for the future are as follows: To improve infrastructure, promote a safer and secure area and increase employability rates.

Christine Bayliss (Labour)

Since spending my teenage years above my parents’ DIY shop in Ninfield Road, I have always had a deep connection with Sidley and the wider Bexhill North area and I know what needs to change. If I am elected, I will seek to improve bus services so they are reliable and affordable, resurface poor quality roads like Buxton Drive, review how potholes are assessed and filled, have a 20mph speed limit in Sidley Village and along Gunters Lane, make education and mental health a priority, support the community in fighting against Tory cuts and take serious action on climate change.

Jonathan James (Lib Dem)

Born in Wales and brought up in Essex Jon grew up loving all sports. At Bangor University he studied history and became a mountaineering instructor. He taught for 35 years in East Sussex and Gateshead but alongside raising a family has always been involved in environmental groups, sports teams, social action and his local church. On retiring Jon joined the Liberal Democrats and has been involved in Prison Visiting and Homeless charities although a life-threatening cancer diagnosis restricted his activities. Having survived thanks to the NHS he wants to pay the community back by joining the fight for a just and caring society.

Bexhill South division

Andrew Crotty (Independent)

I’m Andrew Crotty, a Bexhillian and I have autism. I`m not going to promise/pledge anything as you have heard this all the time in those leaflets that come through your door and go straight into the bin. No, I will listen and get to the person who can help fix the problem as I believe that if someone is being paid to do that job and is failing then something needs to be done. I love Bexhill and see how hard local businesses work to make Bexhill great but it’s a shame that our Council doesn’t see that.

Ian Hollidge (Conservative)

I have lived in Bexhill for more than 35 years and have extensive experience of working on City Councils both in the UK and overseas. I have previously represented Bexhill residents on Rother District Council with responsibility for Transport and the Environment. I am a keen cyclist interested in health, fitness and sustainable transport, a passion which saw me help create the Coastal Culture Trail for walkers and cyclists along our coast. I am a Vice-President of Bexhill Chamber of Commerce, an organisation helping local businesses through COVID and to grow in the future.

Yolanda Laybourne (Independent)

I have lived and worked in the Bexhill and Rother area for over 30 years. I have been a hotelier and a project manager delivering projects at the heart of communities, always for the benefit of the people who live there. As an Independent candidate for Bexhill South in the ESCC Elections, I am focussing on services delivered by County Council. Whether it be in education, families, adult social care, transport or libraries, I am determined to see that we still obtain good value-for-money for our council tax, because council services are provided to support and enhance our lives.

Richard Sage (Labour)

I have lived in Bexhill town centre for over 11 years. I am a retired teacher, Chair of Governors at a Local primary school and volunteer with several local organisations. I want to see East Sussex stop the cuts to early years provision and ensure Egerton Park children’s centre remains a nursery. An urgent review of parking in the division is required, as is a major review into the quality of roads and pavements. The council needs to speed up it’s efforts to meet the targets for carbon reduction and to completely divest it’s pension fund from fossil fuel industries.

Patrick Stappleton (Independent)

It’s hard to stand back and not become involved when somethings just not right. That’s why I am standing for election for Parish and ESCC, I own Redwells Estate Agent in Bexhill and I am very excited by the opportunity to help create a new way forward for Bexhill. I want to help bring change and be a voice for those residents who are often ignored. I stand for change, decency, and respect. I want to see an accountable council, one that doesn’t hide from its residents, but consults and informs them more at grassroots level about what’s really happening.

Bexhill West division

Wendy Dash (Lib Dem)

Wendy lives in Normans Bay. She has always been involved in the community, serving on the Residents’ Association Committee, writing

and editing the local newsletter. She realises how important it is for the beach to be clean and safe for families to enjoy and for small boats, not jet skis. She also recognises the importance of the Pevensey Levels. Her working life was centred in Eastbourne, latterly at Sussex Downs as pastoral tutor for around 100 students a year. She supported the D4B campaign for Bexhill to have its own town council, where she is also standing for election.

Deirdre Earl-Williams (Independent)

My late husband was Stuart Earl. I stood in his place in the County Council by-election in 2019 and was elected. I thank you for the huge support on that occasion. I now once again, ask for your vote in the coming County Council elections. In the past couple of years I have had some successful outcomes and some failures. I can only say that I will continue, if re-elected, to do my very best to serve you all, whatever your political persuasion, to the best of my ability. I decided long ago that there is a place for party politics nationally, but we need true Independents locally - not those who are jumping on the bandwagon, to represent us as a community. We who actually live locally know what the issues are.

Nuala Geary (Conservative)

I am an experienced Parish Councillor and School Governor and work as a Funeral Celebrant across Bexhill, East Sussex, and South East. I sat as a Conservative Ward Councillor in London prior to moving to East Sussex. I have 30 years management experience and member of the Bexhill Chamber of Commerce. I’m committed to improving the highways and the environment, business and community support and support for young people. I will strive to influence cohesive and transparent working across Bexhill, including Cooden, Little Common and Normans Bay. People want a sensible council that delivers good services and doesn’t waste money.

Nigel Jacklin (The Democratic Network)

Nigel Jacklin is a statistician, market researcher and recording artist. Attracted by the beautiful countryside and friendly local people, Nigel moved to Normans Bay in 1992 with his wife Sheila where they raised their family and set up their own business. Nigel is the founder of a new political party, The Democratic Network, which is standing candidates in six counties across England. The party promise is to ‘do the job of representing local residents and businesses’. Nigel will bring a more modern approach to both Town and County decision making. For further information visit www.TheDemocraticNetwork.org.

John Walker (Labour)

I am 71 years and have been retired for the last 3 years. Previously I ran a small Fire Alarm company. I have been the secretary of the Bexhill Branch of the Labour party for the last 2 years. I will support the community I represent in any way I can and strive to ensure that the county council spends your council tax in a fair way ensuring that we get the best possible outcomes. I have happily already signed the South East Climate Alliance pledge.

Brede Valley and Marsham division

Wayne Andrews (Reform UK)

I have been active in local matters since standing in the 1997 General Election for UKIP in Hastings & Rye. Following the UK’s exit from the EU, it is vital that government at all levels supports UK business in expanding globally. Reform UK aims to reduce and simplify the tax system, thus enabling higher growth, and reform the UK’s many bloated institutions including the BBC and the House of Lords. We are strongly opposed to, and are willing to take legal action against, vaccine passports for local use, such as going to pubs and cafés.

Beverley Coupar (Independent)

I live in Sedlescombe with my husband and two young children. I grew up locally and have lived in Sussex my whole life. I’ve extensive experience in the Education Sector and was Education Manager for Children’s Services before giving up work to be a full-time mum. I love to be involved with community life and am an active member of the PTA, Chairman of the Riverside Playground and a Parish Councillor. I am passionate about making our roads safer and have been campaigning through our traffic group (STAG) and Speedwatch to achieve this. I want our community to be the best place for both your family and mine.

Liam Crowter (Labour)

Liam was born and raised in Hastings and has spent most of his life living in the town, but knows the wider area well. His professional life in customer support has given him the skills needed to help a diverse range of individuals, and he is hoping use this experience to handle the issues that most concern residents.

Carl Maynard (Conservative)

I have lived in this division all my life. I have gone to school here, worked here and love our part of East Sussex! I live with my wife and three small sprites in the same road that I grew up in. I have been a Rother Councillor since 1999 and a County Councillor since 2005. Consistently I have always put residents first and party politics second. I pride myself on being accessible to residents by phone, email, social media or in person. I am always happy to discuss any issues you may have or need help with.

Northern Rother division

Stephen Hardy (Lib Dem)

Stephen Hardy has lived in Robertsbridge for 24 years and is married to Cllr Sue Prochak MBE. He stood for Parliament in 1999 and has been a Rother District Councillor for Bodiam and Ewhurst Stephen was awarded an MBE for community service. As a Parish Councillor, he led the team from 2015 to 2018 which produced the second Neighbourhood Plan in Rother. He has mentored several of the emerging Neighbourhood Plans in Rother. Since 2014 he has been the Clerk to the Rural Rother Trust, a small charity which gives grants to needy individuals and worthy organisations in rural Rother.

Tim Macpherson (Labour)

I am a publisher and media communications consultant and have lived in the County most of my life. I’m an experienced campaigner, a passionate marine conservationist and Director of the Angling Trust. The Conservatives have been in power in East Sussex for years and yet, despite election promises, transport infrastructure has never been worse and our roads are badly maintained. Rural bus services are not fit for purpose and add to the sense of isolation many, particularly elderly people, feel in our village communities. I would work hard change this dismal situation created by decades of neglect.

Paul Redstone (Conservative)

I am honoured to be the Conservative candidate for Northern Rother in place of Angharad Davies who is stepping down. My wife and I have lived in Cripps Corner for 30 years, raising four children and building two businesses. I am a trustee of Staplecross Village Hall, a school governor, an organiser of a COVID help group and was trustee of a hospice charity. Since 2000 I have donated my time to a national charity which raises funds for other charities, some local. I got the cash machine back in Battle, working with local sites, LINK and our MP.

Rother North West division

Eleanor Kirby-Green (Conservative)

Having been brought up locally, I have with my husband and son lived in Ticehurst for 10 years. I have served on Rother District Council since 2014 currently representing Burwash and The Weald. I can demonstrate a strong track record in representing the best interests of residents. In particular, I have worked closely with parish council and local voluntary groups to oppose inappropriate development in the AONB. If elected to ESCC I will continue to use the same energy to represent residents on County matters.

Don Nicholls (Green)

Don Nicholls has lived here for 23 years. He volunteered at Etchingham Community Stores and was on the board of Hurst Green Community Shop. Don has promoted cycling, defended trees and wild places and lobbied against air pollution. Don’s house has a solar panel and an air source heat pump, and the loft is insulated with recycled plastic. He’s keen on rewilding. Don says: “I want a greener, cleaner East Sussex. I would like to encourage people to get out into nature, it’s so good for our physical and mental health. I want the county council to start taking the climate crisis seriously, for the sake of your grandchildren.”

Joe Roper (Labour)

Having moved to East Sussex in 2011, I am proud to call Rother North West my home. With over 15 years experience of working in the public sector, I am also a small business owner. My children attend one of our fantastic local primary schools, and we enjoy family days out (Covid permitting!) in Bexhill and the surrounding area. I am chair of the local twinning association in Hurst Green and play cricket (very badly) for our village team. If elected I will seek to put the priorities of our local communities at the forefront of my work.

Rye and Eastern Rother division

Keith Glazier (Conservative)

As leader of the Council I have, since the beginning of the pandemic, worked with partners to ensure vital services are continued and the most vulnerable have been cared for. I successfully lobbied Government for more support to keep people safe and continued my work with the Parish and Town Councils. I have led a council that has delivered ‘outstanding children’s services’ as judged by Ofsted that provided a better start for all young people. I have driven the integration of health and social care that is now highlighted by Care Quality Commission as ‘best practice’ resulting in better joined up services.

Ash Madden (Labour)

Ash has a long connection with the area and currently volunteers at Rye Food Bank, which last year provided more than 50 tonnes of food to people in need. He also volunteers for Hands of Hope, based in Peasmarsh, which delivers programmes in support of local residents including lunch clubs, community involvement and vegetable growing schemes.

Dominic Manning (Green)

Architect Dominic Manning has lived in the Rye area for 25 years. In response to Covid, Dominic was one of the Rye Mutual Aid core team distributing PPE, information and essentials to communities throughout Eastern Rother. Dominic helps to run the Rye Swap Shop, is a trustee of Strandliners, helped Rye Chamber of Commerce set up a cardboard recycling scheme and was a founder of the Rye Food and Wildlife Community Garden. Dominic says: “I want the county council to start taking the climate crisis seriously. I’d like to see more trees planted in and around Rye. And I want more footpaths and cycleways, including the long-awaited Rye Greenway.”