New crematorium planned in Yapton

A new crematorium planned in Yapton could reduce waits families and loved ones face for funerals in the Arun district.

Tuesday, 15th January 2019, 12:54 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 7:35 pm
Y/103/18/PL Proposed approach view Arun Crematorium

A planning application (Y/103/18/PL) is seeking permission for a single chapel crematorium at 10 Acre Field, north of Grevatts Lane near Bilsham.

The main chapel area would seat up to 120 people, with a separate family meeting room to prepare for a service or collect ashes in a front of house section.

In a statement of need, the application notes that Chichester Crematorium is operating at an average of 104 per cent of its practical capacity, and Worthing Crematorium is operating at an average of 90 per cent.

In November, families were waiting 18 days between death and service at Chichester Crematorium and 20 days at Worthing Crematorium, it added.

It concluded: “The proposed new crematorium at Gravatts Lane will reduce delays between death and funeral; reduce the funeral journey time for many thousands of people; improve mourners’ experience through longer service intervals and reduced congestion at crematoria.”

The proposed Central Arun Crematorium is being put to Arun District Council by Landlink Estates, which owns the site and some of the surrounding area.

Access would be via Gravatts Lane West, with a new right turn lane junction onto the A259 and car parking of around 100 spaces.

‘Rat-running’ along Bilsham Road and Gravatt’s Lane West would be descouraged by ‘precautionary design measures’, such as a Traffic Regulation Order to prevent traffic using the route to avoid Comet Corner.

Following a public consultation last year, the developer has reduced the distance from the car park to the chapel.