Student’s invited to MP’s London office after her Bexhill College visit

Amber Rudd at Bexhill College SUS-180502-142149001
Amber Rudd at Bexhill College SUS-180502-142149001

Home Secretary and Hastings MP Amber Rudd made a visit to Bexhill College last Friday to engage in a debate with students on a wide range of political issues

The MP was so impressed with that the visit led to an invite to her London office for work experience for two students.

Ewan Robertson and Elizabeth Rand, two of Bexhill College’s first year Politics students, gave a thorough and informative presentation, focusing on issues such as housing, national security and the UK’s relationship with the USA.

Elizabeth and Ewan then posed a series of challenging questions to the Home Secretary, which she answered in front of a packed audience, consisting of students from a wide-range of subjects.

The RT Hon Ms Rudd was so impressed with Ewan and Elizabeth, that she offered them both the prestigious opportunity of gaining a week’s work experience at her London office.

Lizzie commented: “Having Amber Rudd visit the college was a great opportunity and I really enjoyed presenting to her.

“It is fantastic that she has offered me the opportunity of work experience.”

This event was the latest in the wide-ranging enrichment programme offered to the students at Bexhill 6th Form College.

Bexhill College prides itself on its excellence in teaching and learning and its inclusive community which celebrates diversity and global citizenship.

For more information on the college visit

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