Letter: Rother consultations seem pointless

D. D. Shadwell

De La Warr Road, Bexhill

Rother District Council has, it seems, caused to be carried out a survey of its open spaces, sports facilities and public green areas.

It has also sought the opinions of many interested organisations and 600 schoolchildren.

Why do I feel a sense of deja vu and shrug my shoulders in a complete ‘So what?’ attitude? Remember the ‘consultation’ to choose a name for the new Road From Nowhere to Nowhere Else?

Rother DC chose a name from the bottom of the list of public preferences ignoring the popular choices.

In addition, the name Combe Valley Way is silly because both words mean the same thing, as was pointed out by others at the time.

Then we had the more recent and much more important public vote on the question of a Bexhill Town Council. Again the public were ignored – scandalously. A combination of self-interested rural councillors and Cllr. Maynard’s Conservative lobby-fodder sheep saw to that.

My expectation is that any action on public open spaces has already been decided upon, or if not, the Rother Politburo will issue voting instructions in due course.

Any input from outside will be ignored and the organisations and children who offered opinions will have wasted their time. I hope to be proved wrong.