We need measures to make Barnhorn Road safer for cars and pedestrians

From: Jess Southerton, Barnhorn Road, Bexhill

I am writing today asking how many deaths do we have to have before something is done on the Barnhorn Road?

Just on August 16, there was a crash involving two cars. Sadly one person died on this occasion. Only this morning (Tuesday, August 28) there was another crash where a car hit the island on the bends. On July 31, 2018 a car overturned on the bend, again causing the road to be closed briefly. With the accident on August 16, the road was shut for hours.

As for us pedestrians it is a nightmare trying to cross the road when catching a bus. By this I mean to catch a bus towards Eastbourne from the top of the hill near Custom Cafe. You need to cross the road on the island (which was knocked down once again today) then walk along to the petrol garage, where you need to cross the road once again.

If getting off the bus from Bexhill you need to cross the road again at the petrol garage, walk along a cross island again – that’s if you can see to do so with bushes being overgrown at times.

Many times it has been mentioned to cut speed but nothing is ever done. There has been some very good crossings put in place further along Barnhorn Road. A crossing/traffic lights or a footbridge near the top of the hill towards the bends would surely make a difference.