Plans to build 99 new houses in Cooden, near Bexhill

Developers have put forward proposals to build up to 99 new homes in Cooden.

Friday, 5th October 2018, 11:44 am
Updated Friday, 5th October 2018, 11:49 am
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Bellway Homes wants to build the houses on land at Clavering Walk.

It has sent out a document to residents in the area detailing the plans.

But campaigners fighting separate plans to build 160 properties on land off Spindlewood Drive in Little Common have raised concerns over Bellway’s proposals.

Graham Stone, from Spindlewood Development Action Group (SPINDAG), said: “This development proposal will have serious repercussions for all Clavering Walk residents as well as residents living in Maple Walk.

“It will also prove detrimental to all residents living in and around Bexhill West, particularly in view of the current planning application for the development off Spindlewood Drive.

“The area is an idyllic, green, open and quiet environment with abundant wildlife. All this will be ruined if this development takes place. The Pevensey Levels are an internationally protected area of vital environmental importance and residential development should not, therefore, be contemplated so close to this area. The proposed housing will encroach within about 50 metres of the Levels.

“An additional 99 dwellings will generate considerable noise and air pollution that will also be detrimental to the Pevensey Levels as well as to residents.

“The traffic generated from this development will be considerable. New estates are generally inhabited by predominantly younger people, many of whom will have children. Consequently, far more vehicular journeys will be undertaken than by those currently living in and around Clavering Walk and Maple Walk. If the Spindlewood and Clavering developments were to proceed, this would result in 260 additional dwellings on top of the 340 being built at Rosewood Park. Can Little Common GP surgery cope? Can Little Common school cope? Can the roads cope with at least 4,800 additional traffic movements per day in and around Little Common?”

In its consultation document, Bellway Homes said the proposed houses were ‘much-needed’.

It also said the scheme will provide a ‘significant amount’ of open space and where possible ‘enhance’ existing planting in order to ‘respect the character’ of the site.

It plans to submit an outline planning application within the next few months.

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